August 06 2008
AGL has been awarded once again. They received from our Nation´s President the 2008 National Agri-food award, the most important in its kind. The contest was celebrated among 54 companies from 15 states, as stated by the organizers.

Agricola Ganadera los Lujan: AGL, was founded in 1968 with a herd of 40 cows brought from Canada to the city of Delicias, Chihuahua. A place with dry climate but with important aquifer underground mantles that favor the farming of forages and the upbringing of big herds of cattle.

From its beginning, AGL sought to turn into an example of dairy production in all its stages and to exceed the highest standards of quality in the milk produced.

To offer sustainable farming products of the best quality.

To become a solid Integral Agro-Industry.

Our Values:
• Respect.
• Honesty.
• Responsibility.
• Team work.
• Cleanliness.
• Initiative.